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Legionella Risk Assessment Services

ESS performs Legionella Risk Assessments that will identify and assess the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria in your workplace. The Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) published ‘National Guidelines for the Control of Legionnaires Disease in Ireland 2009’ which outlines requirements and best practice in relation to legionella risk assessment, prevention and control.

Facilities which present ideal environments for the growth of the bacteria are those that may have:

  • old or redundant pipe work or fittings
  • complex lengthy pipe systems
  • poorly maintained wet air conditioning systems
  • intermittently used areas such as premises not used over a weekend or temporarily closed

A Legionella Risk Assessment report will include:

  • Full asset register of each water system on site
  • Assessment of all water systems for risk of Legionella growth
  • Recommendations to eliminate risk for each water system or if that is not possible, measures to control the risk
  • Schedule of work to be carried out on a monthly basis and priority rating for each action
  • Legionella logbook to record completed remedial works, control measures and monitoring
  • Legionella management plan detailing responsible personnel, the control programme in place and review dates

The implementation of a risk assessment is just as important as the risk assessment itself. We provide support services to assist our clients to fully implement the recommendations relating to prevention and control.
These include:

Legionella awareness training for personnel involved in ongoing monitoring and preventative maintenance work.

Regular review meetings to assess the progress of remedial works and update the logbook

Legionella monitoring such as temperature recording and microbiological sampling

Chlorine testing and cleaning and disinfection of water systems

Healthcare Industry Application: While the HPSC guidelines apply to all facilities where legionella risk
is present, specific reference is made to healthcare premises as the risk of infection is higher
due to the presence of complex water systems and immunocompromised people.

Should you require any further information, or wish to make an enquiry regarding the above, please use our contact form.