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Wind Energy Services

ESS specialises in provision of safety consultancy services and solutions to the wind energy sector in the Republic of Ireland. We are an active member of the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) and have provided services and training to IWEA members since 2006.

Our consultancy services include acting as Project Supervisor Design Process, auditing and competence assessment of wind energy service providers (Design & Construction), development of procedures and systems for wind energy contractors and training. When executing statutory roles (PSDP / PSCS) we use the “Best Practice Guidelines for the Irish Wind Industry” published by the IWEA and the “Guidelines for Health and Safety in the Wind Energy Industry” published by the British Wind Energy Association (BWEA) in addition to implementing the requirements of statutory legislation.

ESS has developed an extensive knowledge base in relation to turbine related safety and we are up to date on current industry developments and issues such as tower access, substation electrical safety and peat slide hazard management.

Wind Energy Project PSDP Services

Wind Energy Project PSDP Services
Egan Safety Solutions has specialized in the provision of Project Supervisor Design Process (PSDP) services to the construction industry in Ireland since the enactment of the Safety Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013. In the Wind Energy Sector we are currently acting as PSDP on wind farm projects with a combined output in excess of 100MW on projects which include;

  • Lisheen Windfarm, Co. Tipperary
  • Kilgarvan Windfarm Extension, Co. Kerry
  • Knockacummer Windfarm, Co. Cork
  • Garracummer Windfarm, Co. Tipperary

ESS consultants who execute the PSDP role on wind energy projects are engineers with additional safety & health qualifications, design management experience and knowledge of wind energy project specific hazards and hazard management best practice.

Our typical scope of PSDP services includes the following deliverables:

  • Pre-planning Design Safety Review
  • Advising Project Designers as to their duties under the SHWW (Construction) Regulations 2013. (Civil/Electrical/Turbines)
  • Site visit and review with design review of existing site data and safety files with the design team
  • Designer Co-ordination including structures Safety in Design meetings
  • Preparation of the Preliminary Safety & Health Plan
  • Assistance to Clients in PSCS Competence Assessment
  • Review and Approval of Permanent and Temporary Works Designs and Design Certificates
  • Liaison with the PSCS and Design Team during Wind Farm Construction (Design Changes / Temporary Works)
  • Preparation of the Safety File (Electronic Format)

For additional information on PSDP services in the wind energy sector please contact Eamon Egan or Peter Costelloe.

Wind Energy Training Services

Wind Energy Training Services

ESS is currently contracted by the Irish Wind Energy Association (IWEA) to provide customised training in Wind Farm Safety.

Details of current courses are on the IWEA website at:
irish wind energy association egan safety solutions

ESS has also develops and delivers customised courses based on customer requirements.

Please contact Eamon Egan for further details or to discuss your training requirement.

Wind Energy PSCS Consultancy Services

Wind Energy PSCS Consultancy Services
ESS was contracted by Lagan Construction, PSCS at Airtricity’s Coomacheo windfarm to provide assistance in developing Safe working procedures and systems for the “Power On” stage of the project.

Construction Regulations Compliance Procedures and Systems

Construction Regulations Compliance Procedures and Systems
ESS has developed procedures and systems to enable clients, project supervisors, contractors and designers to fulfil their roles under the construction regulations across a range of industry sectors. The process involves a gap analysis audit of the organizations existing systems such that new procedures can dovetail and make best use of existing procedures and practices.

In the wind energy sector ESS also develop procedures and systems for Operational Windfarms and for Wind Turbine Vendors operating in the Republic of Ireland.

A typical scope of services will include:

  • Site visits and interviews with management / staff to analyse existing day to day work practices and procedures
  • Preparation of a gap analysis report which shows the compliance level with SHWW(C) Regulations 2013. Development of an improvement plan to close the compliance gap if that is required
  • Preparation of procedures and systems to facilitate the organisation to carry out its’ statutory roles (Client, Designer, Project Supervisor Design Process, Project Supervisor Construction Stage, Contractor) as appropriate
  • Training and mentoring in the effective use of ESS developed construction regulations procedures and systems

For additional information or to discuss your safety management system development needs please contact Eamon Egan or Peter Costelloe.