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General Consultancy

Egan Safety Solutions provides qualified competent and experienced consultants who work with our clients to meet their specific requirements. At all times, Egan Safety Solutions ensures that our clients understand, and are appraised of the work being undertaken, and the overall process.

Specific details on Consultancy Services:

Safety Management System Auditing

Safety Management System Auditing
Under current legislation, Employers have a duty to manage their activities to ensure the
Health and Safety of not only their employees, but also persons who may be affected by a
companies activity.

This duty places a requirement on all employers, to ensure that not only do they manage
Health and Safety, but also that this is carried out in a structured and transparent manner. In
order to achieve this, the use of a Safety Management System is required. The complexity of
this system will normally reflect the scale of the undertaking.

Egan Safety Solutions works with its clients to identify any existing systems within their
companies, which are being used for the purposes of Safety Management. In addition, we will
also identify any areas, which may require greater resources in order to ensure management
that is more comprehensive. A Safety Management System Audit will typically follow the
following format.

Safety Management System auditing steps

  • Initial site meeting and site review to identify activities being undertaken
  • Detailed site auditing covering all aspects of safety management including
  • Identification of any existing gaps in the existing safety management structures
  • Development of an Audit report and targeted improvement plan detailing any necessary
    improvements and prioritising the necessary action items
  • Close out meeting with clients representatives to explain the completed work and any
    suggested further improvements

As can be seen from the above the purpose of such an audit is not to suggest radical
overhauling of existing systems, if they are seen to be adequate when considered in light of
legislative requirements as well as industry best practice. The goal is to ensure that all existing
disparate elements of Safety Management, which already exist within the company, are
brought together into a single cohesive, transparent and manageable system.

Egan Safety Solutions also offers its clients a periodic auditing service, which will ensure that
any necessary improvements are being made, and ensure that existing standards remain in
compliance with all relevant legislation.

Should you require any further information, or wish to make an enquiry regarding the above, please use
our contact form.

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation and Reporting
Where accidents or incidents occur at the place of work, it is often an indication that additional
measures or resources may be required to ensure that further similar accidents are prevented.

In some cases, it may be that all that was reasonably, practicable had been carried out, and the
provision of further resources would not have prevented the accident from occurring.

The purpose of Accident Investigation is to ensure that all the circumstances and conditions
that surrounded the event are established and examined to identify what significance if any can
be attributed to them in terms of the accident, which occurred. The goal is to establish what the
root or primary cause of the accident was and to ensure that this is adequately addressed.

Egan Safety Solutions offers its client an Accident Investigation service.

Accident Investigation steps
A competent qualified and experienced safety consultant will visit your premises and in
cooperation with the your representative.

  • Preserve the scene of the accident if necessary
  • Interview any witnesses to the accident and document their statements
  • Establish the work activities that were being undertaken on site at the time
  • Prepare a report detailing the:
    1. Sequence of events surrounding the accident
    2. Witness statements
    3. Root cause analysis
    4. Gap analysis
    5. Recommendations for necessary improvements
  • In addition, Egan Safety Solutions will provide expert witness testimony in any court case
    arising from such an Accident Investigation

Should you require any further information, or wish to make an enquiry regarding the above, please use
our contact form.

Safety Statement

Safety Statement preparation
One of the core responsibilities of all employers is to prepare or cause to be prepared a Safety
Statement. The importance of this document cannot be overstated. Not only will preparing a
Safety Statement satisfy the legal obligation placed on employers, completing one will also
give the following additional benefits,

1. The safety statement forms an integral part of how safety within a company is managed
and is an important component of the Safety Management System.

2. It is an excellent method of providing employees with information regarding their role,
responsibilities and entitlements within a company.

Egan Safety Solutions regularly prepares safety statements on behalf of its clients.

Safety Statement preparation method
A competent qualified and experienced safety consultant will visit your premises and in
cooperation with your representative.

  • Review your current Safety Statement should one exist
  • Request other relevant documentation for inclusion in the Safety Statement such as
    organisation charts, operating procedures, safe systems of work, or any other relevant records
  • Ensure that responsibility for Safety Management has been appropriately delegated and identify all duty holders
  • Carry out an inspection of the workplace and ensure that should any co-locations exist that these are also inspected
  • Identify any hazards present in the workplace and identify those who may be exposed to
    these hazards and include this in the Safety Statement
  • Draft the Safety Statement and deliver this to you for your approval
  • Provide an improvement plan, based on any deficiencies identified in the initial
    documentation review and workplace inspection

Should you require any further information, or wish to make an enquiry regarding the above,
please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessments
As part of the preparation of a Safety Statement, all employers are required to identify and
assess all risks, which are present in the workplace. In addition to this duty to carry out generic
Risk Assessments employers are also required to carry out detailed Risk Assessments on
specific tasks.

Such tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Manual handling
  • Working with chemical agents
  • Working with machinery
  • Working at height

To assist its clients in the correct completion of all Risk Assessments, Egan Safety Solutions
offers its clients the services of its consultants in carrying out and preparing these Risk

Risk Assessment preparation
A competent qualified and experienced safety consultant will visit your premises and in
cooperation with your representative,

Carry out an inspection of the workplace and identify all activities, which are being

    • Identify the tasks to be Risk Assessed
    • Identify those employees carrying out these tasks and others who may be exposed to
      hazards created during the completion of these tasks
    • Through consultation with employees, identify the hazards associated with each task being undertaken
    • Establish the level of risk which employees or others may be exposed
    • Identify any additional controls necessary to minimise the level of risk or needed to
      comply with the provisions of relevant legislation
    • Prepare a report detailing all of the above and including the completed Risk Assessment
      along with suggested controls, and deliver this to the client

Should you require any further information, or wish to make an enquiry regarding the above, please use
our contact form.

Occupational Health

Occupational Health
Under current Irish Legislation, employers have a responsibility to carry out health
surveillance in circumstances where employees are exposed, or likely to be exposed to hazards
that may have an effect on their health and Safety through prolonged exposure.

A circumstance where this is likely to be necessary includes but is not limited to the following,

      • Activities where manual handling forms a large part of the work
      • Activities which expose employees to prolonged exposure to noise, vibration or other physical agents
      • Activities which may expose employees to chemical or biological agents
      • Activities which may be likely to expose employees to excessive levels of stress

To assist our clients in meeting their Occupational Health requirements, we provide qualified,
competent and trained consultants to provide advice to our clients regarding the following,

      • Pre employment medicals
      • Periodic medical reviews
      • Employee health in relation to specific hazards and tailored to suit your specific needs as a company
      • Medical room and support systems
      • First aid room, systems and training requirements
      • Operation of ancillary emergency equipment

In addition, Egan Safety Solutions will provide advice to their clients in developing policies to
better control hazards that might pose issues to employees health.

      • Stress, bullying, harassment, and dignity at work
      • First aid and occupational health policies and procedures
      • Medical emergencies and response procedures
      • Policy development on any other relevant issues pertaining to your company (on request)

Should you require any further information, or wish to make an enquiry regarding the above, please use
our contact form.

REACH Compliance

REACH Registration Evaluation Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
Prior to the introduction of the REACH directive, manufacturers, importers distributors and
indeed end users of chemicals faced an extremely onerous task when attempting to comply
with all applicable legislation. The introduction of this directive is designed to streamline the
management of the hazards which are associated with chemicals across all European countries.

Over 40 different pieces of legislation have been subsumed by this one directive.
Under this legislation all parties involved in the manufacture, preparation, importation,
distribution and use of chemicals have significant duties and responsibilities.

This being the case, companies must assess their role under the directive and ensure that they
can demonstrate compliance with all aspects of the directive relevant to their organisation.
Egan Safety Solutions can assist its clients in complying with this directive in the following

      • We can provide competent and experienced consultants with in-depth knowledge of
        chemical legislation, whom can assess your organisations role with regard to chemicals
        and its responsibilities under this directive
      • Our consultants can carry out a review of the use of chemicals within clients operations
        and ensure that any technical or organisational improvement measures which are necessary
        are identified and put in place
      • Our consultants can advise our clients on proposed changes to the relevant legislation and
        the likely effect which these changes will have on our clients operations.

Considering the scope of this directive the roles which are outlined above are only a sample of
the services which Egan Safety Solutions offers its clients in respect of the REACH directive.

If you have any queries regarding the obligations which this directive places on your company,
please don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form and we will be happy to assist you.

ADR/ DGSA Compliance

ESS ADR and DGSA services
ADR (Accord Dangereux Routier) is the name given to the group of European Directives which
deal explicitly with the carriage of dangerous goods by road. The regulations impose duties on the
various participants associated with the carriage of dangerous goods. They contain requirements
for the vehicles, tanks, tank containers, receptacles and packages containing the dangerous goods
during their carriage.

They require that the drivers and others, involved in the carriage of the dangerous goods by road
(including their packing/loading/filling/transport/unloading) be adequately trained and, in the case
of drivers, hold certificates of such.

Current Irish legislation requires that those whom are affected by this legislation must appoint a
Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) to carry out the following duties on their behalf,

      • Monitor the compliance of the company with all aspects of ADR legislation
      • Make representations to the company regarding the transport of dangerous goods
      • Prepare on behalf of the company an annual report detailing the companies activities concerning dangerous goods
      • Monitor the companies activities and practices and make representations to the company concerning any sub-standard practices
      • Investigate all accidents involving dangerous goods and identify corrective actions to prevent re-occurrence

Egan Safety Solutions assists its clients by clarifying their obligations with respect to this
extremely wide ranging legislation. There are some exemptions.

We can provide our clients with an experienced DGSA resource which will ensure that all aspects
of compliance are met in an efficient and economic fashion. In addition to the duties outline above
some of the areas which our DGSA’s will be able to assist clients include,

      • Correct selection of vehicles which are to be used for transport
      • Correct design of systems and equipment for handling dangerous goods
      • Carrying out competency checks of sub-contractors or third parties concerning dangerous goods
      • Advising the company as to proposed changes to legislation and the impact of this on their operation

Should you require any further information concerning ADR or DGSA , please do not hesitate to
contact us using our contact form.