Storm Lorenzo

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Oct 1, 2019 Egan Safety Solutions (0)

In advance of storm Lorenzo which may strike Ireland this week it is worthwhile carrying out a review of “normal” activities in light of what are expected to be entirely abnormal weather conditions.

Areas which may be affected by this storm are likely to include,

  • Driving to, from and for work.
  • Movement of materials  stored externally and which may be affected by weather.
  • Areas of your work locations which are partially constructed and which may be affected by high winds.
  • The effect of interruptions on utilities to your business and in particular on safety critical aspects of your business.
  • Working in remote locations or areas which are elevated.  

Forecasts are preliminary at this point but the expected periods of high winds and rain are expected Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th. Most up to date forecasting can be found at